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The Studio 013 Refugees Welcome Four Newgees

Marquette University’s only on-campus Improv group, The Studio 013 Refugees, just finished their last round of auditions earlier this week. The casting came after four weeks of workshops which ranged from characterization to simple improv line games. The group holds auditions every year after the four weeks and consists of similar games to those of the workshops. This year’s turnout had one of it’s larger female numbers attend auditions and in turn, out of the four “Newgees” (new fugees) three of them are female. The four newgees were picked out of a large number of possibilities of a group of about twenty and were decided upon by the veteran Refugees.

The group has regular shows at least once a month in Marquette Hall room 200. This Friday is no different! They have their first show (not counting their 12 hour show in SHAMU). The show called “Fish Tacos for Halsted,” is the first show for the recently added members, and the troupe’s first show with the entire new group. The group’s members range from one freshmen to several seniors. Their majors are everything from Nursing to Broadcasting and they have senses of humor to match their prospective professions. Each member adds something different to the table, with some members having smarte,r wittier humor and some being great at character humor. There’s something funny for everyone with the Fugees. Make sure you catch this great group on campus at some point this year and get to know how funny they are.

By Noelle Searles

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