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Staying Informed in College

 As a college student, I have found it harder and harder to stay informed on current events than ever before. At home I would watch the news while getting ready for school, or take current events classes at school. While at college, the days just keep getting busier and busier leaving less time to check in on current events. As we get older, it is even more vital to stay educated on global, national, state-wide, and community events. Here are a few ways to stay updated on the latest current events going on each day.


1. Listen to a Podcast Skip out on the music during your walk to class and tune in to a political or current event-based podcast. There are many of them on Apple podcasts and Spotify focus on numerous topics. My favorite is the New York Times podcast, which is the number 1 news podcast on Apple Podcasts.


2. Nightly News We all lay in bed at night watching Netflix on our laptops. Before you lay down for the night, tune into the ten o’clock news to check out what is happening. Once you’re caught up after a few minutes tuning into the nightly news, continue binging Grey’s Anatomy like the rest of us.


3. Pick up The Marquette Tribune Although you may not always have time to catch up on state, national, or global news, you can always catch up on news in the community and university by picking up a copy of the Marquette Tribune. There is a newspaper stand in almost every building on campus where you can pick up a copy. All the articles are written by Marquette students which makes the newspaper actually fun to read. And the best part? They’re 100% free.


4. Set Alerts on Your Phone Not many people prefer scrolling through a news app instead of Instagram. In place of scrolling through news headlines, download a news app (CNN, your local news app, etc.) and set alerts for when major headlines are published. You will get a notification with the headline, and if it is of interest to you, you can read the article. If not, you will still get a glimpse of the newly published article.


5. Follow News Stations on Twitter This is how I get a majority of my news. I follow many different news stations and sources (CNN Breaking News, ABC News, Fox6, New York Times, etc.) on Twitter. As I scroll through my feed, I get the perfect dose of current events, along with the memes that I came for. It’s easy to read articles by simply clicking on the links, or keep scrolling if it not of interest to me.


It may seem difficult at times, but it is critical that as students and the future of this world, we be informed of what is happening now. Use these ways to stay informed and keep up to date while on campus!

Hello there! My name is Jaiden and I am a sophomore at Marquette University! I have always loved to read and write, so getting involved with HerCampus Marquette was something I knew that I had to do! Outside of writing, I enjoying hiking, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, or continuing to explore Milwaukee! If you like what you see on HerCampus, make sure to check out more of my work on my personal blog, The Olive, at www.wixsite.com/jaidenschueller/theolive
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