Small Acts of Support: The Human Family Battles Cancer

Small Acts of Support: The Human Family Battles Cancer

Everyone knows someone who has had cancer. It touches everyone’s lives. It is a hard and terrifying experience. Not everyone is equipped to be a doctor, so we show our support through love and compassion. We are there for our loved ones when they need us, whether they ask or not. Fighting this battle is not for just one person in your life, it’s for everyone. How can we make an impact? There are a variety of ways.

It’s the little things we do. In fourth grade, my teacher shaved his head to honor his mother who was diagnosed with cancer. In high school, my friends and I organized a team to race in a local, charitable Thanksgiving 5k to support our friend’s mom who had cancer. A popular trend, especially in colleges, is to support businesses that donate to cancer. 

Businesses like Love Your Melon and Headbands of Hope advocate for children all over the world. For every purchase, Love Your Melon donates half of the money to cancer research, and gives a beanie to a child fighting cancer. Similarly, Headbands of Hope donates an ornate headband to a cancer patient for each purchase. 

Organizations like these may seem like they do little things, but they are truly extraordinary. By keeping a child’s head warm, or reminding a girl she is still beautiful despite hair loss, they put smiles on faces. They give a little glimmer of hope and happiness to patients and families in their darkest hours. 

By sporting these products, you become an advocate for those with cancer. You’re showing your love and support without saying anything. All you did was put something on your head in the morning. You may never know how someone is feeling or what they are going through. A person or their loved one could be battling cancer, have lost someone to cancer, or survived cancer, and you may not know. When they see your small act of support for others, they feel supported themselves. 

A little act of kindness or love can change the world. We are part of the human family, and together we will fight this disease, in big and small ways, everyday.