Sidelines Take Center Stage

Sidelines Take Center Stage

Football season has begun. Many fans in the stand are not directing their attention to the field, but to the sidelines. It started during a preseason game when Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the National Anthem. As the weeks have gone by, he gained more attention. Kaepernick’s reasons for taking a knee are to protest the justice system and police brutality.

There is a time and a place that it is acceptable to protest. During the National Anthem is the time or place to make that statement. During the National Anthem on 9/11 is an unacceptable time to do so. Kaepernick can post on social media and protest any other time and still maintain the amount of publicity he is receiving. When there are veterans being honored at the game, there is nothing more disrespectful than taking a knee. Furthermore, not standing for the National Anthem does not relate at all to what has been happening with the justice system. 9/11 has become a day for America to take solidarity and support each other. Chances are someone around you was affected by 9/11. Our military has risked their lives for our freedom. This is a day to honor that. Kaepernick chose to take away from that.

The United States was built on the ideals of freedom and Patriotism. Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz and Avery Williamson wore special cleats to honor the military and those affected by 9/11. Williamson had custom blue cleats with stars on them that stated “Never Forget” on the heel. Williamson was planning to auction them off and deliver the proceeds to a veterans’ charity. The NFL threatened to fine them. It is unreasonable for the NFL to fine players for their Patriotism, but not to fine the players for being disrespectful during the National Anthem.

 9/11 is not Kaepernick’s or any other players’ moment; it is our veterans and those affected by 9/11’s moment. During those two or three minutes, everyone’s hand should be on his or her hearts. They should stand tall and be proud of our country.

Together We Stand.