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Sick of Studying at the Lib? Visit my Fave Coffee Shops in MKE

It’s past midterms and we all are about to hit the semester study slump. If you’re losing motivation or just need a change of scenery here are my favorite coffee shops in the city. P.S. I love exploring new cafes and neighborhoods, so I left out Starbucks and Colectivo, although they are favorites, I wanted to share new spots!


1. Rochambo Coffee and Tea House 

Rochambo is a Brady Street staple. From its purple and green painted exterior to the funky couches inside, Rochambo is an eclectic coffee house. It is locally-run and has a strong sense of community. If you are looking for good coffee and good vibes, visit Rochambo. 

Website: https://www.rochambo.com


2. Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. – Walker’s Point 

You may have seen Anodyne’s stand at the Public Market, but you have to visit the Walker’s Point location to get the full experience. The open and rustic café has delicious coffee and plenty of study space. Plus, on some weekend nights, it turns into an intimate concert venue. 

Website: https://anodynecoffee.com


3. Kickapoo Coffee Roasters

Right in the Historic Third Ward is Kickapoo. With its blue and white aesthetic, big glass windows, and outdoor seating, it is the perfect spot for studying when you don’t want to be inside. Kickapoo is also known for their fairness to farmers and sustainable practices. So you can sip this coffee guilt free!

Website: https://kickapoocoffee.com


4. Bella Caffé

This café and coffee shop is casual and comfortable. It feels like Milwaukee’s version of the Central Perk. If you want to cozily study in a café that is a little more off the beaten path this is a great option. They are also known for their killer desserts!

Website: http://www.bellacaffe.com



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