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Krista Stucchio

Showing love for your friends during Galentine’s day (and the rest of the year

Most of us college girls have certainly heard of the love languages quiz. Some of us have even forced our significant others to take it (sorry!!). Although love languages are most often considered in romantic relationships, it’s important to express affection for friends too! Here’s how to use your love language to show your besties how much you love them during Galentine’s day (and the rest of the year!).



Words of affirmation: Tell your friends how much you love them, how much they mean to you, and how amazing they are! Instead of just assuming that your friends know you love them, say it out loud! “Words are my love language, so just speak your truth”. One of my roommates will write notes to me when she knows I’m going through a rough time and it means so much to me. Taking a second to write, text, or tell your friends that they are loved can go so far.


Gifts: Having something physical to look at every day is a wonderful reminder of how much your friends mean to you! It’s easy for gifting to get pricey but it definitely doesn’t have to be! Think about group gifts, DIY gifts, and tiny, thoughtful tokens. I have bought a bag of candy to put in the kitchen for my roomies to share. I’ve made small embroidery hoops or handmade cards. And I’ve picked stickers out of a sticker book that I thought represented each of my friends.



Acts of service: If you know your friends are having a tough or busy week, ask if they want you to pick up their Starbucks mobile order or make a big batch of pasta so they can have some. If these friends happen to be your roommates, you can step up to make sure that the dishes are done or the garbage is taken out so they have one less thing to worry about. Showing that you recognize how busy they are is a very validating feeling and likely to be returned when you’re having a busy week too.



Physical touch: Normalize hugging your friends!!! Although physical touch can often be seen as exclusive to romantic relationships, hugging or holding your friends hand can show that you’re there for them physically and emotionally. Of course, some people are uncomfortable with physical expressions like this so ask before you touch someone if you’re not sure. For those who don’t like hugs, hand holding, etc, respecting physical space can be another great way to show you care about someone. Letting someone have personal space can be a welcome relief for some.



Quality time: Sometimes a girls’ night in or out can solve all of your problems (playing GNO by Miley Cyrus is highly encouraged). Whether your crew wants to order in and watch a movie or have a night out on the town, spending a fun day with your girls can really help you feel more

connected. College is a busy time for everyone so it means a lot when everyone can get together, even if for a few hours, and just enjoy each other’s company.

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