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Serena Williams: A Power Play

After giving birth and taking care of her new child and adapting to her new life as both a working mother and one of the highest ranked professional tennis players, Serena Williams faced one of her biggest challenges on the court yet, and not from another opponent.

            After giving birth, Williams faced a few health complications due to her pregnancy. She was suffering from frequent blood clots and her body had not properly re-adjusted to a stabilized and healthy rhythm once more. Williams did not let this issue stop her from coming back to the court, specifically in time for the French Open. In her first match, Serena Williams came dressed in a “Black Panther” inspired cat suit. The all black piece differed from the normative female tennis wear, but it was for good reason. The suit was designed to circulate blood and stop blood clots so she wouldn’t have to worry about her health while giving it her all. Williams won her tournament in the suit, but was taken aback with some unsettling news.

            The President of the French Open publically called Williams’ attire out, banning it from making it back on the court, the only reason being that he did not like the way it looked.

            Despite all issues about her health, how the suit was designed to make sure she was healthy, it was banned because of this man’s opinion on how it made her body look. Williams took this critique, but not lightly.

            Days went by after the news broke out with no word from Williams, until her first match at the US Open. Williams shocked the crowd by wearing something no one would ever think she would appear in.

            At her first match at the US Open this year Serena Williams entered onto the court wearing a tutu.

            Williams appeared and shocked the crowd with her attire. The big tutu flouncing around as she served and backhanded the ball. Yet, even with a tutu on her, she still showed every ounce of athleticism that got her to where she is now. Williams won that match and also gained the respect of so many women across the nation, while consequently frustrating the hell out of a lot of men in power.

            Serena Williams is undeniably one of the greatest female tennis players in our history. She has outdone so many of her competitors with her grace, athleticism, and love of the sport. She has also never failed to stand up for what is right to her and make a difference when she is told no.

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