Second Semester Bucket List

Second Semester Bucket List

With the start of the new semester officially in full swing this new year is full of new opportunities. Although you may be dreading another semester full of late nights in the library, there is so much to look forward to in this new semester. Here is a list of just some of the things that you could do to ensure a fun and exciting semester:

1. Go on a Trip

Perfect timing right? With spring break right around the corner, now is the perfect time to plan a trip with some friends. Whether you want to go across the country or a half hour away, the possibilities are endless and the adventure awaits.

2. Join a New Club

New year, new opportunities, such as joining a new organization on campus. From an intramural or club sport you’ve always wanted to try to joining a social fraternity or sorority, no matter where you go to school there is an unlimited number of ways to get involved both on and off campus.

3. Raise That GPA

Last semester is a thing of the past. You never have to open your Astronomy or Calculus textbook ever again. With that being said, you have a clean slate, so start the semester off right and get organized, stay on track and don’t forget why you are really at college.

4. Make New Friends

From new classes to new students, you will be surrounded by so many new and old faces this semester. Reach out to the person sitting next to you in class, someone you don’t recognize in the elevator or a member of the new club you just joined. You never know who you’ll end up meeting and how they will affect your life.

5. Explore Your College Town

No matter what city or state you are in or many times you’ve been to the area, there are always new places to explore. Eat at a new restaurant, explore the nightlight of the city, visit a local museum, shop around near campus. You might even find a new favorite hangout or study spot in the meantime.

6. Rearrange Your Room

The start of a new semester comes with a lot of change. Rearranging your room is a way to try something new in your dorm or apartment and switch things up a little bit. Redecorating and reorganizing is a great way to unload stress and feel more at home wherever you are staying.

7. Talk to Your Professors

Go ahead, introduce yourself. Professors tend to be very intimidating, but by talking to them about an assignment or past test grade, you could learn new study skills that will help you out on future exams and homeworks. After all, they really do want you to succeed.

8. Start a New Series

If you are not already sick of schoolwork and studying, you will be soon enough. By starting a new series on Netflix or TV, you can take a deep breath and pause the real world for a little bit. Who knows, you might even meet some people who enjoy the show just as much as you do.

9. Try Out a New Style

Aside from the typical leggings and sweatshirt outfit that you put on from Monday to Friday, try some new outfits on. You might even find out something new about yourself and your style. No need to break the bank, you’ll be surprised what you can find by mixing and matching items in your own closet.

10. Make Some Money

If you’re gonna be going on a trip, exploring new places and switching up your style, you’re gonna need some extra cash. Find something to do on campus like being a receptionist or tutoring other students. Having some extra cash is always a good idea no matter what you spend it on.