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Reasons Not To Compare Your Love Life With The Bachelor Franchise 

We all love to hate the Bachelor. It all involves beautiful looking people, never-ending tears, and drama always being stirred, which all contributes to quality reality TV. But how realistic are these too good to be true scenarios? 



Every woman has such a limited amount of time when it comes to getting to know the bachelor on a personal or intimate level, which is crucial for any relationship to develop. Even the lucky girl who is fortunate enough to win that last rose is practically a stranger to him, since it is believed that the last standing couple would have only spent less than 72 hours with each other at the end of the process. 



How unrealistic are these dates? From skiing in the Alps, to casually strolling the streets of Italy within a week span, not all these dates result in pure paradise when the cameras are off. Balancing a busy everyday schedule with intimate time is never easy when real life struggles hit. 



“I am here to find love” is the notorious phrase that every contestant finds themselves constantly saying. Apparently, the majority of the women who do sign up for the show do it to see if they are capable of getting in or do it as a dare, with no intention of finding love. The fame that contestants do get from appearing in the show is a tempting enough excuse to want to sign up, aside from the intended end goal of finding love. 


Separated from Reality 

All contestants are pretty much isolated in a mansion or penthouse for three months with NO CELL PHONES whatsoever. I mean, did it even happen if you didn’t snap it or Instagram it? 


Remember, the Bachelor is REALITY TV! Not everything is shown on camera, especially life without all the glitz and glamour. At the end of the day, it is broadcasted for our entertainment, so just take it for what it is!

Fashion, girly, outgoing, is the game, and Diana Banzon is the name! I'm a a small town girl from Rochester, Minnesota living it up in the big city of Milwaukee. I gravitate toward living a life full of creativity, which correlate to my Public Relations major under the Communication School at Marquette.
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