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Profile: Taylor Jacobs

With a smile that lights up a room and a welcoming presence, Taylor Jacobs has made a name for herself at Marquette. She has dedicated her time to making Marquette a better place for others, by showing kindness and passion through working with Active Minds, Project Heal and Kappa Delta. 

To learn more about this dedicated woman keep reading! 

Name: Taylor Jacobs  

Major: Psychology and Gender Studies 

Year: Senior  

Hometown: Orland Park, IL


Why did you choose Marquette? 

I chose Marquette because after the 2nd time visiting I felt at home and knew this is where I belonged. 

What’s your favorite place in MKE? 

My favorite place is Kopps! I have never had anything like it before coming here and now I am obsessed! 

Any advice for underclassmen?

My best advice is to get involved on campus to find your passion and also some lifelong friends. 

What are you involved in at Marquette? 

I am involved in Kappa Delta Sorority, Active Minds and Project Heal at Marquette. 

Which of these has meant the most to you and why?

I would have to say Kappa Delta has meant the most to be because it has allowed me to grow as an individual, gain leadership skills, meet some of my best friends and have a home away from home. 

What’s your dream job?

My dream job is to be a sports psychologist for a MLB team! 


What’s your life motto/favorite quote? 

My life motto is “everything happens for a reason.”

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East coast girl trying to figure out why Midwesterners are so sweet. Dancing, photography, coffee, daydreaming and Kappa Delta. Currently studying abroad at National University of Ireland at Galway.
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