Profile: Pruthvi Patel

Name: Pruthvi Patel

Year: Junior

Major: Biomedical Sciences, Pre-PA

Minor: Psychology

Hometown: St. Charles, IL

HCMU: Why did you choose to come to Marquette?

PP: When I was going on a bunch of college campus tours, I really liked Marquette. I liked the environment here, and I liked that it was a small campus and I didn’t have to take a bus to wherever I wanted to go. Also, I was thinking about doing PA and they have a really good PA program here. The chances of getting into it if you are a Marquette internal versus an external is significant.

HCMU: What are you involved in here on campus?

PP: I am a part of the Indian Student Association and I’m on the Bollywood fusion dance team called Marquette Mazaa. We travel around the nation and we compete at different competitions and that’s really fun. I’m involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters. I mentor a little girl named Kelly. I’m also in Global Brigades.

HCMU: What’s been your favorite memory so far?

PP: It’s hard to narrow it down to just one but freshman year on the dance team was a very good experience. Me and my two friends were the only freshmen on the team and everyone else was an upperclassman. It was nice coming in not knowing anybody and having upperclassmen that were in my major that were very easy to talk to. We had this crazy awesome Aladdin routine that was very fun to perform. Just feeling at home and having somebody to watch over me made it a good overall memory.

HCMU: Who or what inspires you?

PP: There are a lot of people who have inspired me, but I guess the one person I would say for right now is my cousin. She actually goes to Marquette and she’s a fourth year dental student. We are super similar. Whenever I need help with something, I always go to her and ask her what to do or how to study for a test since she was a Biomedical Sciences major too. It’s just very nice to have family here and someone that I’m super close to whom I can have as a role model.

HCMU: What’s your dream job?

PP: I would love to be an undercover CIA agent. Either that or one of those people that travels the world and buys fashion for different designers. If I can’t be a CIA agent, I wouldd like to go around the world and buy fashion.

HCMU: Do you have a favorite spot on campus and/or downtown?

PP: On campus, my favorite spot is the chapel. I love the courtyard in front of the chapel. Especially during the fall, when all the leaves are falling and the flowers have bloomed but are not dying yet. It is so pretty. I also like the steps on the river and when I go down to the lake. There is a little ledge and I go and sit on the rocks right by the water. I love the outdoors and nature.

HCMU: Do you have any advice for freshmen?

PP: The biggest piece of advice that I have for freshmen is to really balance your time. I know a lot of people come in thinking college is all about the partying and drinking and that you have to go out to have fun. I don’t drink personally, so I would say don’t feel pressured to drink or smoke to fit in. Do school because that’s why you are here first. Go out, go party, go to dinner, go to shows. Do whatever you want to do, but have a social life and have an academic life and be able to find a balance. Find friends who aren’t going to push you to do bad things that you don’t want to do. Find friends who are going to support you in what you need to do and will lift you up if you are having a bad day. Overall, don’t get sucked into the college stereotype that you need to party to be popular or drink to have fun.

HCMU: Do you have a favorite quote or motto?

PP: “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” It’s just so true. If you don’t try something, you are always going to have that “what if?”. Don’t have that ‘what if’. Just do it. If it turns out great, awesome. If not, you tried and now you know. Go for it.

HCMU: Do you have anything else to add?

PP: Overall have fun, love college, do your thing, and just be you.