Profile: Courtney Guc

Name: Courtney Guc

Year: Senior

Major: Finance and International Business

Hometown: Green Bay, WI

HCMU: Why did you choose to come to Marquette?

CG:  I had always known that I wanted to stay in the Midwest and I was looking for an outstanding finance program, as well as financial aid. I think we avoid talking about financial aid when we talk about choosing schools because it takes away from the beautiful courtyards and professors, but it’s a reality that students face when making decisions.

HCMU: What groups/organizations are you involved with on campus?

CG: I am involved in Hunger Clean-Up, Delta Sigma Pi (Business Fraternity), Bayanihan Student Organization (Filipino cultural club), MUSG as a former senator and current fangirl, and the Burke Scholar program. Through Burke I serve at Cathedral Center, the Urban Ecology Center, and Milwaukee Academy of Science.

HCMU: Being a senior, do you have any advice to give to freshman?

CG: Get involved earlier rather than later. It’s so much easier to drop something than it is to try to join a group that already has strong team bonds. Similarly, don’t be afraid to get involved in groups that seem like they have a super strong culture. You would be surprised how welcoming people are!

HCMU: What is your favorite Marquette memory?

CG: I love those long conversations on campus that you don’t plan on having, but mean so much. I met my boyfriend through student government and it was right outside the CLSI that we had our first accidental life chat. I love that Marquette offers so many opportunities to meet people and learn about them in organized and spontaneous ways.

HCMU: What is your favorite spot in Milwaukee?

CG: I absolutely love the Menomonee Valley Urban Ecology Center.

HCMU: What is your favorite quote/motto?

CG: We are our ancestors’ wildest dreams. Act like it.

HCMU: Who or what inspires you?

CG: There’s a lot of lady leaders out there that I love for different reasons. People like Angela Merkel or Melinda Gates or Grace Lee Boggs are/were women who are compassionate and tender, but that doesn’t undermine their killer business instincts and ability to create change. I strive to be a person that can be objective when I need to be, but also see the “grayness” of each situation and these women embody that.