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With Spring in full force, it is time to plan for the summer ahead! Here is a checklist of to-do’s before closing out the school year with a bang! 


Deadlines are coming to a close - tis the dreaded season of internship applications. Waiting for results after the interview itself is the worst part - but hang in there! If you manage to land a job, you will be both gaining experiences and putting money in your wallet that all the hours you dedicated to applying will seem worth it! 


The school semester is coming to a close that it is finally time to slowly be bringing stuff home. The situation might be a little more difficult if you live far, but for those who live close - take full advantage! No one likes moving out all at once, so if you have the opportunity to lessen the load by narrowing out what is no longer needed you should highly consider. You will thank yourself later! 


Now after you score your dream internship, reward yourself with a little getaway trip of all the money you will be making. Plan accordingly and travel with people who genuinely make you happy and who you see as your personal escape from all of life’s stress! 

Makeover Mania

With the season changing, you have to change up your look. Whether you opt for some longer or lighter locks, get a spray tan, or transition your nail color into something more neon, work with what the summer season has to offer! 

Wardrobe Purge

Every time the season changes, there is no better time to go through your wardrobe and evaluate what you should toss or keep. The beauty of donating it to your local Goodwill is that you are contributing to overall sustainability and you get a coupon. You really can’t complain! 

Wardrobe Revamp

Although you are in warm weather mode, don’t disregard that stores are discounting all their fall and winter items - which tend to usually be more expensive than summer pieces. Even though trends come and go, invest on the classics that you know you will need more of when the colder weather makes it way around! 

Out with the cold, in with the warmth that summer has to offer! 


Fashion, girly, outgoing, is the game, and Diana Banzon is the name! I'm a a small town girl from Rochester, Minnesota living it up in the big city of Milwaukee. I gravitate toward living a life full of creativity, which correlate to my Public Relations major under the Communication School at Marquette.
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