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Whether laying in bed or running through your morning routine, there’s a podcast for everyone – find your perfect podcast today!

Podcasts are the “next big thing“ in the entertainment industry. Podcasts give you the chance to multitask, take a break from staring at a screen, and feel like a more “educated” version of yourself all within the privacy of your AirPods.

Over the past few weeks, I have been listening to several different podcasts while I get ready for the day, clean my room, or even while I lay in my bed staring at the street below my window. I wanted to share some of my favorite podcasters and episodes that I have been listening to, in hopes that you will enjoy them too!

1. Emma Chamberlain – Anything Goes

Emma is a trendsetter. It goes without saying – take one look at her Instagram profile, and you realize her fashion sense is unique and trendy. She started her own coffee company and works with Louis Vuitton… major goals! My favorite thing about Emma is how candid and authentic she has been throughout her YouTube career. Her podcast is no exception.

My Favorite Episodes

Feeling like you need some self-love? Listen to “Why Do I Hate Myself?

If you want to feel better about finances, try “The Illusion of Money.”

Want to learn more about what starting a business is like? Check out “Starting My Own Company.”

Emma’s approach to life will leave you feeling refreshed and a little happier than before you started listening. She makes “Anything Goes” feel so conversational and lighthearted, even though she just reocrds in her closet!

2. Cody Ko – The Pleasure Is Ours

In addition to the “Tiny Meat Gang” podcast with Noel Miller, Cody has recently launched “The Pleasure Is Ours” (sponsored by none other than Trojan Condoms).

Cody’s podcast is unique in that there is a new guest on every episode. The aforementioned queen, Emma Chamberlain, has made an appearance, as well as other pop culture sensations like Drew Gooden and Yung Gravy.

Cody Ko has a knack for making people laugh. His podcast will definitely have you laughing out loud (or at the very least, have you exhaling more air than normal from your nostrils). As a more established member of the ‘influencer’ community, he has lots of meaningful advice to offer as well.

My Favorite Episodes

Drew Gooden: Why “Fake It Till You Make It” Is Misleading

Emma Chamberlain: Why You Shouldn’t Always Play Hard To Get

Yung Gravy: Why “Age Is Just A Number” Is Complicated

3. WNYC Studios – Radiolab

I was first introduced to Radiolab by my high school history teacher (special shoutout to Mr. Brown for putting me on). This podcast is definitely one that makes you feel “enlightened” after listening.

Unlike other podcasts, each episode is usually on a different topic. That’s why I love it – there is something for everyone! Whether I’m really passionate about what they’re talking about or not, I always hear something that spikes my interest. Their research is very detailed and diversified – you can tell they care about their content.

My Favorite Episodes

What If?” which is all about possible consequences of the 2020 election.

The Other Latif” series – all about Radiolab’s own Latif Nasser’s discovery of a man with his same name.

No Special Duty” – a discussion of the role the police play in our society.

With the infinite number of podcasts out there, it can be hard to know who to listen to. It seems like everyone and their mother is telling you which is the “best”, but it’s also fun to explore all the different ones out there, too! I hope this provides you with a place to start. Happy listening!

McKenna Sporer

Marquette '23

McKenna Sporer is a junior student at Marquette majoring in Economics. When she's not reading a book, you can usually find her sipping an iced chai latte or looking for the nearest restaurant with the best Yelp reviews.
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