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The Perfect Ways to Say I Miss You

Long distance relationships suck, we all know that. We also all tend to associate the phrase “long distance relationship” with a significant other, or a romantic relationship. But it’s just as important to work at maintaining a relationship with old friends from home! You don’t want to lose that BFF from high school you spent hours with talking about everything you could imagine. Here are a few perfect ways to say “I miss you” to that far-away BFF.


  1. Send random gifts. These don’t have to be anything expensive. They can be something from an inside joke between the two of you, their favorite candy, that shirt of yours they’ve always envied. If you’re feeling that little extra something, find a cute best friends gift like these adorable coffee mugs:

  1. Send letters in the mail. This is a little easier than sending a gift and something as simple as a sweet note will be sure to brighten their day!

  2. Update them! Not filling your bestie in on all the important things happening in your life is a sure way to create a distance in your friendship. Just shoot them a simple text and keep them in the loop.

  3. Make time for FaceTime! There’s nothing like talking on the phone and hearing their familiar voice, so why not see their pretty face too?

Whether you send them a care package or simply text them randomly to tell them you miss them, your friend will appreciate it. Moving away from a BFF can be hard and losing one even worse. It’s not too hard to find the perfect way to say I miss you!

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