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My Favorite Restaurants in MKE

In college, whether you are on the Sodexo meal plan or struggling to cook for yourself we are all in dire need for a good meal. Let’s be honest, Marquette’s food is slacking and we are located in a food desert. So, when we go out to eat it better be good! Here are a few of my fav Milwaukee restaurants:


Pizza Man

Neighborhood: East Side

Website: https://pizzamanwi.com/

If you are searching for cracker-thin crust pizza and a new part of town head to Pizza Man on Downer Avenue. The almost 50-year-old establishment is staple in the Milwaukee pizza scene. The two-level restaurant has a tall, dark, and handsome feel with a casual touch. If there is a wait, then walk around Downer Avenue—a cute main street commonly overlooked by Marquette students. You will find several restaurants and the historic Downer Theatre.


There are three locations, Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and Oak Creek, but I suggest the Milwaukee location if you want the full experience.


Café Centraal

Neighborhood: Bay View

Website: http://www.cafecentraal.com/index.php

In the same group as Benelux and Café Hollander is Café Centraal. Café Centraal is the home to delicious American eats such as Bay View Burger and some more European dishes like Rosemary Goat Cheese Mac. The restaurant is located on one of my favorite streets in MKE—Kinnickinnick Street. If you have time, stop by the Colectivo across the street or the several boutiques along the main drag.


Sweet Diner

Neighborhood: Third Ward

Website: https://www.sweetdiner.com/

Now you’re probably thinking—is Sweet Diner really worth the hype? YES! As one of my favorite brunch places in Milwaukee, it is fairly new and just opened in 2017. Sweet Diner is known for their savory skillet bowls and sweet French toast. Contrary to their namesake, the establishment is not very diner-y. With its open and light atmosphere, white marble tables and golden chandeliers it is hard to believe you are in MKE’s historic Third Ward.


Comet Café

Neighborhood: East Side

Website: https://www.thecometcafe.com/

Comet Café is my family’s favorite breakfast and lunch spot, although it is also open late night. It’s cozy, eclectic, corner location on Farwell Avenue is perfect for some unique comfort foods. My personal favorite are their Chilaquiles and Bendictator. They are also known for having killer pies. For those of you in the 21 club, they have late night drink and food specials every night of the week and a bar open 7 days-a-week until 2 a.m.


Gianna Morrissey

Marquette '20

Catch me traveling, hiking, visiting museums and trying new restaurants every weekend! Catch me at the library studying Public Relations and Sociology every weekday!
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