Must Watch October Horror Movies

With only two weeks left in October, what better time to scare yourself than with some horror movie classics. As a horror movie fanatic, I’ve watched a fair share of flicks that can either be a hit or a hard miss. I tend to gravitate toward horror movies for the laughs of watching the mediocre acting and jump scares, but when there is a plot that can actually keep an audience’s attention aside from all the gore and violence, I think we have a hit in our hands. Here is a list of my favorite horror and thriller movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat featuring plot twists you would not expect!

 Creepy little girl with violent intentions? Or so you think…


Brings forth the issue of racial stereotyping that ends with a twisted and violent outcome.

A found footage style film that takes place in school after hours… that alone is scary enough as is!

Just goes to show that people are willing to break the bonds of family to survive and receive the highest gain.


Trapped in a house with a blind man…. how hard could escaping that be?

Just goes to show that phones are useful pieces of technology aside from checking Instagram!

An American remake to a Japanese classic involving two sisters and a suspicious stepmom that has a plot twist you would never expect!

If the boy next door is really that good-looking, what’s the worst that could happen? 

  A nod to the classic franchise with a modern twist!