Meet Our Campus Correspondent: Maisie

Name: Maisie Bentz

Major:  English Literature

Minor: Advertising and Entrepreneurship

Year: Senior (SOS crying)  

Hometown: Truman, MN

HCMU Position:  Campus Correspondent  


Why did you join HC?

I had seen some articles from Nationals and grew curious about how I could join the awesomeness that was Her Campus. My friend was Campus Correspondent at DePaul University and I really wanted Marquette to have a chapter. I was thinking about starting one myself when I saw the brand new chapter at O-Fest in the spring and instantly joined!  


What do you love most about HC?

I really love how unique each chapter is while still holding true to the Her Campus personality as a whole. It’s very cool that these schools have their own traditions and voices but we’re all still united under the support and encouragement of this community that advocates strong, smart women.  


What else are you involved in on campus? 

I am a member of Pi Beta Phi Sorority and Sigma Tau Delta International English Honors Society. I also work in the Office of Admissions as a Shadow Program Coordinator.  


What do you love most about Marquette?

Oh geez, this is impossible to answer. I’m going to have to say the size and the school pride. When I walked on campus for the first time four years ago, I instantly felt like I stepped into one big happy family and I desired to be adopted into it. I came from an absolutely tiny high school (18 kids in my graduating class… send help) so I loved the closeness and pride that I could feel on Marquette’s campus.  


What's your favorite thing to do in MKE? 

Definitely hitting up the bars. Since I’ve turned 21, I’ve been to a few cities and Milwaukee definitely has the best bar scene I’ve experienced so far.  


Any advice for freshman?

You’ll hear it a thousand times but I’m saying it anyway, DRINK. EVERY. MOMENT. IN. I love, love, love being a Golden Eagle and do not want to graduate this coming spring because I don’t want to leave! I feel like I’m headed into my sophomore year, not my senior year. These four years are tricky and though it seems you’ll be in Intro to Theology forever, before you know it you’ll be trying to coordinate Senior Week with your friends. Also, I definitely recommend staying here at least one summer before you graduate. Milwaukee is amazing in the summertime.  


What's been the highlight of your summer? 

I’ve loved just living in Milwaukee with all of my friends. We have the freedom to do whatever we want and enjoy the sunshine! I’ve also been going to Chicago a lot to visit my sister and explore all the hidden gems of the Windy City.   


Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I dream of moving to New York and becoming a children’s book publisher. It’ll happen… someday!