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Meet HCMU: Gabriella Ach

Mastering the art of social media is no easy feat. Our social guru, Gabby, manages our Twitter account as well as the social media accounts for Northwestern Mutual. She hopes to make a career out of it post graduation this May. Gabby is a familiar face on campus, but in case you haven’t had the opportunity to meet her yet, we’ll fill you in.


Name: Gabriella AchYear: SeniorMajor: Public RelationsHometown: Chicago, Illinois

Gabby is a natural born leader. She was elected president of Alpha Phi at Marquette her junior year. In this year, Gabby ensured that the sorority ran flawlessly in every endeavor it sought out. From leading chapter each week to overseeing formals, Gabby truly did it all. Alpha Phi has been a vital piece of her college career and she will carry it with her for the rest of her life.

When she isn’t tweeting for Her Campus or busy Phi’ing, Gabby spends her time exploring the city around her. She’s a sucker for a good happy hour and is always down for a night out. If you’re out at the bar with Gabby, make sure you order her a vodka press with lime. Although she’s born and bred in Chicago proper, Milwaukee holds a place in Gab’s heart. She can fit right into the Wisconsin lifestyle if needed (see: Ian’s Pizza).

Gabby is basically a spin fanatic and is normally very health conscious — Ian’s doesn’t count — so if you think you can keep up with her, give her a call.

Prefer to consume my calories in liquid form. Living in the land of beer and cheese. Dreamer. Explorer. Wanderer.
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