Learning to Surrender to Yourself

Learning to Surrender to Yourself 

Right now you might be struggling to paddle your boat upstream, even though you shouldn’t be going that way in the first place, but throwing up the oars and letting yourself not be in control of the situation is not part of your plan. Sometimes, you need to learn to let go of how things should be in your mind and see what the universe has in store for you.

Surrendering to yourself, who you really are, and your struggle, does not mean that you are giving up. It means that you are raising your white flag, surrendering to the person in your head that keeps telling you you always have to be in control. Raising that white flag is a saying to yourself, this is who you truly are and meant to be. You cannot control everything about yourself. 

Right now, surrendering to who you truly are might seem too difficult to do, and maybe even impossible, because no one else has put up their white flag. But maybe you are the one that is supposed to raise your flag so others can see they are not the only ones struggling with coming to terms with who they truly are. Your white flag will stand as a sign that yes you are struggling, but you are not alone in this struggle. Others will see your flag and put up their own and you will not be alone in the dark abyss of uncertainty and fight for control. 

Surrendering to yourself does not mean that you are weak or not afraid, but, instead, is a decision you are making to feel completely free. It is difficult and can be terrifying at times, but letting go of being in control and going with the current will lead to a more peaceful process of finding out who you are and what you are meant to do with your one, wild and precious life. 


I know it’s hard, but turn the boat around, throw in the oars, and take in the beautiful scenery along the way. You are closer finding out who you truly are moving forward, not moving back.