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The Internal Struggle

Heaven and hell exist inside each and every one of us. We are given the power to choose which one to welcome and explore. You have to have both inside you to comprehend why each of them exist. Life would be weird and unstable if we didn’t have hell. You wouldn’t be able to truly be grateful for how amazing it feels to sit on the beach with all your friends watching the sunset listening to your favorite music if you haven’t struggled before. Those genuinely happy moments allow you to appreciate the times you couldn’t see a future for yourself. I feel like we are all just a short step away from both. Both universes are so close to all of us. It is in our grasp. I don’t actually think heaven and hell is the way it seems to be visualized. Heaven being all the way at the top and hell being all the way down at the bottom. I think both are right here in front of us. We can see our lives through heaven or hell, it is us who has the say in choosing which one. Even when you are unhappy and everything is going wrong in life, heaven is still as close as it was before. You’re getting farther away from it, but it just becomes harder to notice it. You loose the ability. It is all so much closer than you think if we just start seeing things for what they are.

Emma McDevitt

Marquette '20

Hello, I am Emma McDevitt! I am a Junior at Marquette University and studying Marketing & Advertising. 
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