I Went Vegetarian For a Week

So, I decided to try eating a vegetarian diet for one week. This is very shocking, especially because people who know me know how much I love meat. In fact, when I told people that I was doing this I got a lot of laughs and doubtful responses. But I decided to go through with it anyways. The reason why I chose to do this was because I have a few friends who are vegetarian and I wanted to try eating a similar diet for a week. Here are a few things I noticed during the past week:


1. I had very limited options. Maybe it was my lack of creativity, but I noticed I was eating the same things over and over again. I mostly ate salad, sandwiches, cheese pizza, cheese quesadilla, cereal, etc. 


2. I got a lot of unwanted stares and comments. Friends who I didn’t tell that I was doing this thought it was weird how I was suddenly eating a lot more salad. However, the worst part, in my opinion, was the questions that I got from the employees who made my food. When I asked for a sandwich with no meat, I was asked multiple times if I was sure that’s how I wanted it made. I got an occasional eye roll too, but I continued throughout the week.


3. I felt more awake. At first, I didn’t think there was any correlation between meat and how awake you feel, but when I looked it up I found that meat that is harder to digest makes you feel tired. 


4. It was easier than what I thought. Personally, I love salad. So this gave me an excuse to eat even more salad than normal. Though I was eating the same foods, I was fine with it considering that I love those foods. 


Overall, this past week has been very eye opening for me and I would definitely recommend to everyone to try to eat less meat.