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I Dropped my Sorority and Survived

Greek life is an exciting part of college. We watch the culture of Greek life on T.V. from a young age and create these fantasies of what it is really like. When I entered Marquette in the fall of 2016, I was eager to go Greek. My sister was in a sorority and raved about it, all my friends at state schools joined first semester and I could not wait for my turn. 

I loved Greek life. I loved dressing up and meeting new people. I am pretty talkative, love making friends, and am pretty involved on campus. I met some of my best friends through my sorority. I have nothing, but the most positive things to say about my ex-sisters and Greek life as a whole. It is a wonderful way to meet people and get involved!

So, you’re probably thinking, why did I drop? As my sophomore year continued, I began getting involved in other student organizations. I was on E-board for Dance Marathon, hosted a weekly radio show, was the captain of an intramural team, and worked at the Career Services Center. I started to feel like my sorority became a chore. Chapter was another thing I had to check off my Sunday night to-do list, I rarely could attend the philanthropy events, and I began to feel overwhelmed. Many of my friends were in my sorority so I was nervous to even consider dropping. I did not want to feel left out, and I did not want to pass up an opportunity to meet more amazing girls. 

I hated feeling like I was not giving my all to my commitment to Kappa Delta. Another big factor to my decision to drop was the cost of dues. I had no problem paying my dues when I was actually attending the events they covered, and I enjoyed my time. However, once I lost the passion for Greek life, the dues did not seem to be worth it. 

After dropping this summer, I could not be more relieved. I have more time to devote to trying new interests and clubs (like Her Campus)!! I have seen no difference in the relationships between me and my friends still in Kappa Delta. Your true friends will make time to see you whether or not you go Greek, or in my case, stay Greek. 

Gianna Morrissey

Marquette '20

Catch me traveling, hiking, visiting museums and trying new restaurants every weekend! Catch me at the library studying Public Relations and Sociology every weekday!
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