How to Make Yourself Feel Better About Binge-watching Netflix

We all have those days when it seems physically impossible to close the Netflix tab and go finish a chem lab or study for a history test.  We probably have those days more than we would like, but there are certain ways to turn your binge-watching rabbit holes into days you can feel proud of. 

First, set a limit for the number of episodes you are planning to watch. This can prevent two episodes from turning into ten. And please, I’m begging you, please stop watching before Netflix begins the next episode, or you’re a goner. Those 15 seconds are crucial. Be strong. 

But if you still can’t bring yourself to ex out of McDreamy saving a life or Michael Scott doing something inappropriate, you can still have a productive day. Make a healthy snack, paint your nails, or do laundry. If you are feeling particularly ambitious, take Netflix to the gym with you. I have found that the New Girl roommates make for some great running partners. However, if you’re not up to leaving your room or interacting with the world, you can do some yoga from the comfort of your own room! Simply stretching and getting your muscles moving can help you feel better than just lying on the couch.  

Another easy way to pretend to have your life together is organizing your calendar. Making to-do lists, scheduling appointments, and planning out your week can make you less stressed, so you can watch your favorite show with less guilt. If your life is really a mess though, you should clean your room. Having an organized room makes you feel like you have an organized life. Whether it’s a quick clean or you end up sorting through every piece of clothing you own, you can feel a bit more productive while still following along with your show. Sure, McDreamy might have saved someone’s life, but you donated all of those old t-shirts in the back of your closet and made your bed, so props to you. 


Finally, here are five shows I guarantee will not be a waste of time. 


1. Queer Eye 

Watching the Fab Five help people look and feel their best will inspire you to do the same. Queer eye is a funny, emotional, and entertaining show that teaches you fashion tips, introduces you to five fabulous gay men, and inspires creativity and confidence. Making a snack with Antoni, organizing your closet with Tan, or cleaning your room with Bobby is a day well spent.  

 2. On My Block

This new Netflix original shows you an often unseen side of American youth in a hilarious and compelling way. The show follows a group of teenagers growing up in a primarily Hispanic and African American neighborhood. Along with treasure hunts and quinceaneras, these friends must navigate through high school with the threat of gang violence. On My Block not only illustrates the underrepresented coming of age stories, but it also portrays the reality many teenagers face in America of gang culture. 


 3. Scandal 

    Olivia Pope can never be a waste of time. Whether it’s a better understanding of Washington, a new perspective on current social issues, or a newfound love for pantsuits, I promise that watching Scandal will leave you with something valuable.

4. Jane the Virgin 

    This telenovela hit will not only entertain you with accidental inseminations, murder investigations, and evil twins, but it also explains the importance of many Hispanic traditions and customs. After much of same T.V. shows, Jane the Virgin is a breath of fresh air and introduction into the absurdly fabulous world of telenovelas. 

5. Sex Education  

If the education system failed to prepare you in sex education, this show is the one for you. Informative and hysterical, this modern British high school drama does not shy away from the hard conversations-- the show discusses abortion, transgender discrimination, lgbtq relationships, feminism, and most obviously, sex. You might have skipped class to watch it, but you will definitely still learn something. 


Happy productive binging!