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How to Actually Enjoy Winter in Milwaukee

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marquette chapter.

The time of freezing temperatures and snow has sadly fallen upon Wisconsin. If you’re like me, this is your least favorite time of year. The sun disappears by 4 PM, the wind has your hands all dry and cracked and no one leaves their house anymore unless they absolutely have to. Even though I hate winter, I have learned how to suck it up and deal with it by living in Milwaukee my entire life. It may be below zero until April, but winters in Wisconsin can actually be really fun and enjoyable, if you know how to spend them. Here are some exciting places you can go during the upcoming season, to take your mind away from the winter blues.

Candy Cane Lane

From November 24 to December 26, you don’t even have to leave your vehicle to participate in a fun, Milwaukee winter tradition. The neighborhood of West Allis decorates their houses to the max for all who wish to drive through and see. Plus, there are also spots on the route to donate to the MACC fund (an organization that supports children with cancer), so you can also fulfill your giving of the season.

Holiday Lights Festival

This festival takes place downtown and lasts until January 1, so there are plenty of opportunities to see all of the amazing lights that lie across the city. There are also events that correlate with the festival, such as a fireworks show and cookies with Santa.

Slice of Ice

Ice skating in Red Arrow Park is another great tradition that many in Milwaukee take part in. The park is located downtown and is open through March. Even better, skating there is free! As long as you bring your own skates, of course.

A Christmas Carol

Every year, the Pabst Theatre presents their performance of A Christmas Carol. This year, they’re celebrating their 40th (!) anniversary of the show so clearly it must be pretty entertaining. The show runs from November 28 to December 24 this year, so don’t miss out on the very well-praised show.

Winter Farmers Market

A trip to the farmers market doesn’t have to be reserved for a sunny, summer day. Set up in the warmth of the Domes, the Milwaukee Winter Farmers Market hosts up to 50 vendors. Make a day out of it and enjoy the cider, hot cookies and plenty of soup offered while you walk through the bountiful gardens of the Domes.

Winter may seem like a bleak time, especially with finals bogging you down, but Milwaukee offers many opportunities to make the most of the season. Or, you know, you could just sit in your dorm and blast Mariah Carey’s Christmas album non-stop. Do you.

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