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Help for the Homesick

Help for the Homesick

Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior this year, homesickness is normal. At some point in your college career you are likely to experience this feeling. It’s especially common at the beginning of the school year, after you’ve just spent an entire summer at home with your family and friends from high school. Homesickness comes and goes, but there are ways to help ease the pain when it’s around. Here are some tips to help you through those tough times.

1. Use your phone.

Contrary to what your professors will say, smartphones are truly a blessing. Fortunately, we live in a time of impressive technology and contacting people is extremely easy. Take advantage of facetime, texting, and phone calls. Keeping in touch with your loved ones at home will make you feel closer to them, even when you’re apart.

2. Plan trips back home.

Some students go to school close to home, so it’s easy to make little visits back. It’s not uncommon, however, that students are very far from home during the school year. Regardless of your particular situation, you will get to go home at some point. Thanksgiving break might seem far away, but when you think about it, college semesters are not that long. Keeping a daily countdown can help you keep track of the time and get you excited about your trip.

3. Know that it’s not forever.

Homesickness comes in waves, so it’s important to remember that it won’t stick around too long. One bad day doesn’t necessarily have to turn into a bad week, or a bad month.

4. Find distractions.

Time flies when you’re having fun, and keeping your mind distracted from your homesickness is the best approach. It’s good to know how to redirect your attention to something else so you’re not just sitting around thinking about how sad you are.

5. Talk it out.

Sharing your thoughts and feelings with another person can help a lot. Whether it’s with a close friend or a therapist, getting your emotions out in the open can help you process things and feel some relief. Universities these days put a lot of effort into their student therapy services, and they’re usually free. It’s worth looking into if you’re struggling.

6. Keep a journal.

Writing is extremely therapeutic and can help you out a lot. In addition to talking to others, a personal journal is a great place to keep all your thoughts.


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