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The Great Taco Debate

A Taco Debate

It’s taco Tuesday, where do you go? In Milwaukee, two of the top contenders are Belair and Vagabond. Since I know what an important decision this is, I’m going to do all the work for you. Let’s break down the pros and cons.

Vagabond Pros:

– There’s hardly ever a wait, which is a huge bonus for the generation of instant gratification.

– When you run out of salsa they’ll bring you a big bowl of it because they understand you.


– The sauce that comes with the cheese curds. Perfection.

– Lots of fun margarita flavors.

Vagabond Cons:

– Not the best salsa selection. Not the worst salsa selection either, but it’s no Belair.

– Rice and beans are not included, no matter how many tacos you buy.

– The tacos are not as extravagant or unique as Belair, although they do have one with cheetos on it, so they’re trying.

Belair Pros:

– The salsa. Belair outdoes any other Mexican restaurant when it comes to salsa. They give you three different kinds and they’re all delightful.

– Cheap tequila. They know what’s up.

– You get rice and beans for free if you order three or more tacos. That’s a nice touch.

– Their tacos are very unique and pretty to look at.

Belair Cons:

– They don’t take reservations. We all know how painful it is to sit in that tiny waiting area for 45 minutes while you smell the food going to all the happy people inside.

– Their fancy tacos are great, but they’re kind of lacking in the simplicity department. If you’re a picky eater, you won’t like Belair.

– No cheese curds.

The final decision is up to you. Have to try them both to see? I don’t hear any complaints about that.

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