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Five Things to Do While You’re Sick to Make Yourself Feel Better

It’s that point in the semester where everyone is either sick, just getting over it, or somehow dodged the bullet of the plague. While being sick is miserable, there are some ways to ease the frustrations of a day that never seems to end.


1. Take a lot of naps!

Usually napping during the day can feel like a guilty pleasure. Yet when you’re sick, napping and getting a lot of sleep shortens the length of your cold and helps you keep going during the day because being sick is exhausting!


2. Drink a lot of liquids

Although this one may be obvious, you need to cleanse your body from all those toxins! Although water is great for this, a more exciting way to hydrate your body could be through other liquids such as tea and juices that not only have flavor but help with other health benefits.


3. Binge watch your favorite show

Although we all already binge watch shows, there is no need to feel guilty doing it while you’re sick! Not only does this give your body an opportunity to rest, but you’re preventing yourself from catching another or spreading your sickness. So, tuck yourself in and grab that remote!


4. Take a hot shower/bath

Steam clears your sinuses and opens your lungs. Heat also relaxes tense muscles and aching joints which are common side effects of the cold and flu.


5. Get some sun

Vitamin D is useful for a lot of things including boosting your immune system and supporting lung health. And if you’re a social butterfly, vitamin D can even combat the sadness you feel from staying in all day during your recovery.

Esther is a freshman at Marquette studying business economics and prelaw. She loves her dog , Millie, playing the bassoon, and anything that's blue. She loves to get involved and have a good time, especially if that good time involves pizza or coffee!
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