Finishing off the year right!

The semester is finally almost over. Although it is tempting to lose all forms of motivation, you are almost there! It is nothing more than rewarding to know that you have made it through those endless nights of homework, procrastination, and Netflix. Here is a quick checklist of tasks to get done before you summer rolls around! 


Internship Szn 

Academics aside, it is reassuring to know that internships have the opportunity to keep yourself occupied this summer, while putting a little more extra cash in your pocket while adding on more experience on your resume. The summer is coming close and most companies are nearing their deadlines so start applying now. I was fortunate enough to score interviews by utilizing both and, so I highly recommend checking them both out. 


Summer Jobs 

If you want to take a mental break and do more mindless work, applying or reconnecting with a past employer is the job for you! If you already have a job, it is beneficial to warn employers about your arrival back home. This allows you to determine whether you want to jump into working immediately or if you would rather give yourself some time to relax before getting into it. College can make you broke, since your studies should always be your first priority with how much money you are investing toward it. It is reassuring to know that your time isn’t being wasted and that you have the opportunity of being able to do more things with a little extra cash in your pocket! 


Plan a Trip 

This is the best way to reward yourself for all the hard work you are putting forth this summer! There are always ways to plan a trip without breaking the bank. Resorting on a road trip as opposed to flying in an airplane is obviously the cheaper option since it can be divided among friends. Airbnb is a great alternative to find housing that might not be the most traditional but can really add to your experience at the location! 




Stay Active! 

The campus fortunately provides free workout classes that once used to cost money or intramural sports, so take advantage with the options they have. Living in Milwaukee, there are a lot of luxuries living by the lake and being so close to it on our campus. From roller blading, boarding, to utilizing the Bublr bikes on campus, there are alternative options to simply ordering an Uber. With the weather getting nicer, I recommend embracing the warmth here as long as you can! 


Dining Hall Crawl 

If this is your last year of being an underclassman, or if you want to propose a last HORAH to finish off your freshmen year, use up that meal swipes and pay an homage to all the dining halls! Yes, even the far ones like Straz. Despite how unappetizing they might be, you can’t beat the convenience of having food that is readily available for you. Cherish something that unfortunately won’t last throughout your college career, unless if you are willing to fork up some big bucks for the meal plan!