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A Fall-Worthy Facial Recipe

Autumn is a lovely season, but temperature changes and busy schedules have unwanted impacts on the skin. Face masks are a great way to give the skin some rejuvenation and love. Unfortunately, most products are expensive and contain harsh ingredients. A simple DIY is all you need to save money and boost confidence.

Say hello to the Honey-Cinnamon Facial! This recipe only requires two ingredients: honey and cinnamon. Honey naturally soothes the skin while fighting acne and aging. It contains antioxidants and is antibacterial. Cinnamon also fights acne and gently exfoliates the skin with its fine powder. For this facial, it is important to realize the recipe is not set in stone. Playing around with ratios will help determine the best match for your skin type.


Honey-Cinnamon Facial


Honey- 3 tbsp.

Ground Cinnamon- 1 tbsp.



Add honey and cinnamon into a microwave-safe bowl. If you don’t have any measuring spoons, this recipe can easily be estimated.

Stir the honey and cinnamon until they create a chocolate-colored mixture.

Pop the bowl in the microwave for around 15-30 seconds. Wait until its cool enough to touch, then softly spread the mask over the face. Be sure to avoid the eyes!

Wait for around 15 minutes, then rinse the mask off.


Remember to perform a patch test beforehand for sensitive skin. Decrease the amount of cinnamon as needed.



This face mask is best enjoyed with a warm beverage (tea, coffee, pumpkin spice latte, etc.), some autumn music, and fuzzy socks. Also, the mask tastes great, so don’t be scared to lick it off your fingers!

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