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Fall In Love With A Writer

I am fascinated with writing. It is often my salvation, my escape. Writing exposes one’s soul. It forces one to be completely and utterly vulnerable. It disposes of the body and shows a being in its whole. It is intense, deep, and honest. People say to fall in love with a writer because they will write about your eyes as if New York City exists merely to compliment them. They will write about your love story, as if it was the greatest ever told. And to them, it will be. Fall in love with a writer, because their hearts while fragile, are gentle. They feel too much of everything and at the same time nothing at all. Every feeling they have eventually is scribbled into their journals, because their heartache looks prettier on paper. Sometimes its easier to express emotion through writing rather than voicing it. Fall in love with a writer, because they will give you everything inside them, and then the world. They will write about you for all time, regardless of whether you choose to stay, or not. I write predominately because others cannot. I write because it is a coping mechanism. I write to remind myself and the ones reading it that we are all not too different from each other after all. I write because most days we are mad or sad and cannot contain it. Writing has a way of connecting us as human beings. I write and I am free. You read and we both see.

Emma McDevitt

Marquette '20

Hello, I am Emma McDevitt! I am a Junior at Marquette University and studying Marketing & Advertising. 
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