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The Emotional Waiting Game That Is One Direction’s Made in the A.M.

As if you weren’t already crazy excited for #Fr1Day13, One Direction released yet another song off their upcoming release Made in the A.M. And it’s amazing (obviously). So we’ve summed up our feelings about the album anticipation the best way we know how: through the lads of 1D. As we all wait in agony for the album we keep telling ourselves isn’t the last, let’s dance.

The first time you heard Drag Me Down.One Direction actually got better without Zayn? Maybe he was dragging them down (forgive me, Z).

And then you were one of the lucky ones and heard Drag Me Down on the OTRA Tour.

You didn’t embarrass yourself because every single other person in the arena reacted the same way you did. Made in the A.M. felt farther and farther away, but the boys played What Makes You Beautiful two songs after and everything came full circle.

Then you waited for what seemed like ages for something new.

Not like you’re over Drag Me Down. But come on lads, you can’t tease us like that!

Finally, Infinity was released.

And it was everything you feel about the boys. Because they’re breaking your heart.

So then you were at this point where you’re feeling both happy and sad.

But then Liam tweeted a pun about his curtains and all was right in the world.

And then… the song of all songs was released. And it was Perfect.

Seriously. You danced and danced and danced to it. And all you wanted was to see Liam dance to it.

You learned all of the words in one day and envisioned Harry doing the water thing after every chorus.

Who knew spitting water all over yourself was so hot?

And then, slowly by slowly, the boys released a few more songs.

You pat yourself on the back after you heard History because it was definitely written for you and all the fans.

So then you’re just kind of sitting there on cloud nine listening to End of the Day, Love You Goodbye, and What a Feeling.

How does this get any better?!

You start getting more excited because the boys were on BBC Radio 1 earlier and you know it’s just one more day until Fr1Day13.

How many more hours now? Too many? Probably too many.

Then you remember that this could be their last album.

They keep saying it’s not, but you can’t help but be worried.

So you listen to Drag Me Down again to remind yourself of how wonderful this album will be, even if it is the last.

It’s the perfect pep talk.

And tomorrow Made in the A.M. comes out.

Your sadness will have to wait. Cheers lads, we love you. Congratulations on your fifth album.

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