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A Definitive List of the Best Halloween Movies: By Category

With the spooky season upon us what better way to get into the festive spirit than by grabbing your friends and binge-watching some very scary (or fun) Halloween movies to get you in the mood for the scariest season of them all! This list has something for everyone, from ghost lovers to those who really love Halloween but don’t really like being scared. Get the season started right! 

Genre: Ghosties: 

-Paranormal Activity –

This film makes me never want to live in a house ever. 


-Coraline –

This is supposed to be a kids’ movie but it’s actually scary? 

-Beetlejuice –

Great fashion inspiration 11/10 


-Ghostbusters –

Who ya gonna call????? 


-The Conjuring-

The scariest part of this movie is when the dog dies. 


Genre: Horror: 

-Scream series –

Iconic film, actors, and a classic slasher movie. 


-The Shining –

Redrum. Enough Said. 


-Babadook –

Reading is great but please don’t read this book. 


-It Follows –

“Don’t have sex because you will get followed and die”. 


-Night of the Living Dead –

This has terrible acting and special effects but great if you want to practice your horror movie scream. 


Genre: Not Actually Spooky:

 -The Haunted Mansion –

If you only watch one of these movies, make it this one.


 -Halloweentown –

The peak of the Disney channel tbh. 


-Hocus Pocus –

Feminist. Icons. 


-Twilight series –

We love angsty vampires!! 


-All the Halloween Episodes of The Office

I know this isn’t a movie but they’re so funny and provide solid costume inspiration.


Whether you watch just one or all of them, they will get you into the spooky spirit! 

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