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Campus Survival Kit: Everything You Need to Know

It’s here! It’s here! The long-awaited Her Campus Survival Kit is here to save us from week five blues. Filled with amazing goodies from incredible sponsors, we can’t wait to share them. 

We all know how it is sitting in the library for hours Sunday night cramming for all your tests for the week. These fragrance samples from Juicy Couture will make sure you don’t smell like you just pulled an all-nighter! 

There is no doubt that an all-nighter calls for coffee – and lots of it. These insulated travel mugs from Camelbak literally have your back and will make sure you have a lot of caffeine to get you through the night. Plus, the leak-proof cap means you don’t have to worry about ruining your overpriced textbooks.

And just your luck, your time of the month comes when you are in the library and didn’t bring any extra supplies. Great, now what? Diva Cup to the rescue! This reusable menstrual cup provides 12 hours of leak-free protection, even overnight! 

Spending all day and night studying doesn’t mean we can’t still look fab right? Maidenform’s Love the Lift Push Up & In Lace Demi Bra lifts while providing maximum comfort.

Ladies, we may not like to talk about it, but sometimes all we need is a little relief. Monistat’s got your back with their helpful samples that start curing on contact!

It’s Thursday and the awful tests are done for the week. What should you do to relax? Put on one of Freeman’s many face masks and grab one of Andrews McMeel Publishing’s books, Adulthood is a Myth or The Roommate Book, for some hilarious takes on everyday life we all can relate to. 

Friday morning and the only thing standing between you and the weekend is an interview for a spring internship. No need to worry as long as you are armed with L’eggs black sheer panty. 

Here it is, the weekend. Finally. Perfect your evening look with Rimmel London’s Supercurler Mascara, Colour Precise Eyeliner and The Only 1 Lipstick.

Everything is ready and you look great, but life can still be unpredictable. Before you go out, remember to bring your Wearsafe Tag, a personal safety button that connects you to your friends and family through providing your location and a continuous audio stream. Plus, you can enter for an all-expenses paid adventure if you register at wearsafe.com/adventure.

Now you are ready for the night. Grab your favorite drink, a Flying Colors Apparel koozie, and let the fun begin. 

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