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Campus Cutie – Dan Schergen

This week’s cutie is a junior studying Broadcast and Electronic Communication. Dan Schergen can be found playing acoustic shows on campus or working with Mardi Gras on a variety of service projects. Check out what our cutie has to saw below!



Dream Job: Set designer on films and TV shows.

What is the first thing you notice about a girl? Her hair, girls who have fun and different hairstyles are very intriguing.

Guilty Music Pleasure:  Metro Station. 

If he could marry one celebrity, you’d choose…  Emma Watson, because she’s perfect in every way.

Favorite Color: Purple, the color of royalty

Coke or Pepsi? Regular Coke, Diet Pepsi

Favorite sport: Frizbee, if that counts as a sport… if not, Hockey. 

Favorite place to take a girl on a date in Milwaukee: The Rave, a good concert is the best first date.  

Favorite Late-Night Snack: Tortilla chips and Salsa con queso.

What is your favorite 90’s television program? Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Dream vacation destination:  I would love to go back to Ireland someday soon. 

Dogs or Cats? Cats.  They’re so much easier to hang out with, and don’t require as much attention as dogs, but dogs are very fun.  

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant:  Wendy’s. The fries. 

Athletic Team He’d Like to Join: I am not good enough at anything to play a sport, but I would love to hang out with the Blackhawks for a few days.  

What would you name your yacht: Mary Kay

His superpower of choice: Flight

Favorite Disney Character: The Muses from Hercules

Favorite TV Show: Parks and Recreation.  The character development is wonderful, and it makes the show very believable.

Something you’ve always wanted to do: Play with my band in a club on Bourbon Street.

If you had a bathtub filled with one type of food, what would it be? Biscuits and gravy.

Hannah McCarthy is a junior studying Broadcasting and Electronic Communication at Marquette University. She is currently the News Director at Marquette Radio. Hannah calls Cincinnati, OH home. In her free time, Hannah obsesses over Public Radio and hopes to be a news reporter after she graduates. 
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