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Campus Celebrity – Mary Maruggi

Meet Mary Maruggi, a junior from Minnesota. Mary is majoring in Anthropology and is very involved on campus.  Currently, she serves as a program board commissioner for MUSG, a member of the anthropology society and often participatins in the Milwaukee chapter of Autism Speaks. As it is recruitment week, Mary’s chapter affiliation is a secret. However, here’s what she had to say about her involvement with Greek Life and her role as the President of Marquette’s Panhellenic Council.

  • What has Greek life taught you about yourself? About leadership?
“Greek life has taught me how to realize my full potential and how not only achieve my goals but reach higher than ever thought possible. Personally, my involvement in Greek Life has been an amazing leadership development opportunity. I have had the ability to attend two on campus retreats, a national leadership institute and play a facilitator role at a national fraternity summit over semester break. While all of these experiences are very unique and I am very blessed to have had so many opportunities leadership development is a very important aspect of the Greek community.”
  • What’s would you tell someone who is unsure if she is interested in Greek life? 
“I would say that it was easily the best decision I have made while at school. Beyond the family you build with your sisters, my sorority’s pillars and values are what’s most important in my life and knowing that I have sisters all over the country to share the same ritual and values is a very strong sense of home no matter where you are. The pride that you have while wearing your letters across campus or supporting your philanthropy across the city are truly indescribable.  Being a part of the Marquette Greek community is a great opportunity that impacts your life far beyond the four years here at Marquette, sisterhood is not four years – its’for life.” 
  • Has your involvement with Greek life influenced other aspects of your life, such as job or internship offers or networking?
“Greek life has been a great networking tool for any member, many alumni reach out to their chapters when looking for internships or even post-graduation job offers. The networking that I have done in college I can almost fully attribute to my involvement with Greek life. With the numerous national conferences and institutes I have been involved in I have met and stayed in contact with countless people that have helped me while in school and those that are helping me achieve my post-graduation goals. I continue to meet new people affiliated with Greek life all the time that are excited to help me work towards achieving all my goals because of the bond members of the Greek community share.”
Hannah McCarthy is a junior studying Broadcasting and Electronic Communication at Marquette University. She is currently the News Director at Marquette Radio. Hannah calls Cincinnati, OH home. In her free time, Hannah obsesses over Public Radio and hopes to be a news reporter after she graduates. 
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