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Campus Celeb: Ben Zellmer

When I first contacted Ben to meet up for the interview, he said he “was not that exciting.” For the 20 minutes we had our interview at the Brew, he knew eight different people who walked in, and I knew one. Ben is a kind soul who loves to give back to his community. Ben is an aspiring cardiologist who can do a Latin dance or two. If you are one of the few people who have not met this cool guy, check out his bio below.

Name: Ben Zellmer

Other aliases: Benjam, Benjamόn

Major: Biomedical sciences, pre-med track

Year: Sophomore

Home town: Elm Grove, WI


Involvement: Site Coordinator for Midnight Run, Live Poet Society, retreat leader for Campus Ministry, Global Brigades, a job working with Dr. Makky in her lab, Bayanihan Student Organization (BSO), M.A.P facilitator. He also plans on studying abroad in South Africa next fall (2016).  As for things he is in involved in off campus, he volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters and is an avid sports fan (Go Pack!).


HCMU: Wow, so you are involved in a lot? How do you survive such a hectic schedule?

BZ: Friends help the most. I am usually busy during the day with class, studying, and work, so I can talk and connect with them at various club events. They make it all worthwhile. Coffee also helps keep me awake and focused. To relax, I like to listen to music (Zac Brown Band and Mumford and Sons are personal favorites).


HCMU: Why did you decide to come to Marquette?

BZ: I went to Marquette University High School right down the road and I was looking for Jesuit universities to continue my studies. Marquette was just the best fit for me and it was everything I wanted. It is not a super big campus, it’s close to a city, but has green space. Marquette has a community atmosphere that I just loved, and how much we give back to the local community is awesome.


HCMU: What is your favorite memory thus far at Marquette?

BZ: I was in the BSO cultural show last spring (2014). I was in the Latin section and all of my friends helped me learn how to do the Salsa, Tango, and the Bachata. It was really fun!


HCMU: Do you have any advice for freshmen?

BZ: My best advice is to cherish the small moments college has to offer. From hanging out with your friends on a Tuesday night or going to McCormick for ice cream at 12AM. Also, don’t be afraid to do something out of your comfort zone. These things will make your college experience worthwhile.


HCMU: What’s your favorite meal?

BZ: Chicken quesadillas at Cobeen on Wednesday made by the Dean, with black beans. Enough said.


HCMU: What’s your dream job?

BZ: I want to become a pediatric cardiologist. I would love to work at Children’s Hospital or something.

HCMU: What’s an odd fact about you?

BZ: I love playing piano, especially when I am home. “Strangers Like Me” by Phil Collins is the usual song I jam to.


HCMU: What or who inspires you?

BZ: Easily my grandfather. He is a handy man from a small Illinois town. He has a gentle heart and is always willing to help; and he treats everyone with respect. He was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, which is hard to see him go through that transition. Even though he is hurting, he still loves to give you a smile and a wave hello. He is one of the men I look up to.


HCMU: Do you have a life motto? If so, what is it?

BZ: “One must abandon search for security and reach out with the risk of living with both arms.” -Morris L. Stevenson

Thanks, Ben!

A small town gal from America's Dairyland with aspirations to become a Physical Therapist. Loves rowing, cooking, scrapbooking, chocolate, couponing, animals, hanging out with friends, and anything Wisconsin related. Currently attending Marquette University.
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