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The Best Movies and Shows Coming to Netflix in March

We’ve finally made it to spring (kinda)!! For most people, this may mean wanting to go outside and enjoying the long-awaited sunshine. But at least for me, I still want to curl under a blanket with some popcorn and tea until June. If you’re like me and are not yet ready to embrace the changing season, here are some new movies and television shows to add to your Netflix watchlist before you decide to get some fresh air. We’re not here to judge.



This movie is one of my all-time favorites and I’m so glad it’s back on Netflix. With a super great cast (including Kristen Stewart, Ryan Reynolds and Jesse Eisenberg) and a funky 80s playlist, this movie is both really funny and cool.



If you’re more into the classics, Ghostbusters is always a good movie to fall back on. Although I wish it were the all-female version, the original film honestly can’t be beat.


The Descent

Anyone else already anticipating the spookiest month of the year?? If you’re longing for October, there are always horror movies abound on Netflix to satisfy your craving for scare, “The Descent” being one of them. It involves a group of women who decide to go exploring in caves and find some things they were clearly not meant to. Seems spooky enough to keep us in patient waiting for Halloween.


50 First Dates

No matter your opinion on Adam Sandler, you have to admit that “50 First Dates” is actually a super cute rom-com. Plus, Drew Barrymore is pretty great too.


F The Prom

I don’t know much about this film, except that it starts Madelaine Petsch (or Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale) so sign me up. Along with that, it’s also directed by the Fine Bros., so if you enjoy their React series on YouTube I’m sure they would appreciate your continued support! “F The Prom” seems like a typical teen movie to me, but we all need those every once in a while, right?


Jessica Jones

The second season of the Marvel hit finally airs on Netflix starting March 8. Continuing the epic pattern of badass female superheroes, the show will definitely not disappoint.


Series of Unfortunate Events

Netflix is also premiering its second season of this weird, dark yet lovable comedy. The show is sure to provide just as much kooky entertainment as it did previously. Also, Neil Patrick Harris is the best part of this show, don’t at me.


There are obviously plenty more additions to Netflix this month than I can write about, so sit back and enjoy not leaving your bed during spring break!

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