Beautiful Things That Often Go Unnoticed

 Beautiful Things That Often Go Unnoticed

1. Smiles. The way that they are so unique, how people sometimes smile when they are nervous. Crooked smiles, close mouthed smiles, smiles so big that they command attention.

2. The color black: storms, clouds, paint. Something about the darkness is mysterious.

3. Books. Real ones. The smell of the paper and hard covers and highlighting your favorite parts and every single story on your overflowing bookshelf.

4. Art. expression. The fact that a painting can mean everything to one person and nothing to another simply because art is meant to be embraced individually.

5. Warm drinks, the smell of coffee, how they can wake someone up or calm someone down.

6.  Worn out shoes, The face that you have traveled miles in them and the way they mold to your feet.

7. The smell of fresh trees, reminding yourself that nature is very pure and that no one is ever really as trapped as they feel.

8. Laughing uncontrollably, sometimes at movies or tv shows, sometimes with friends.

9. Pictures. A picture is worth 1,000 words. How a picture can bring back a thousand memories, feelings, sounds, smells, and flashbacks.

10. Constant change. Though it can be scary, it is comforting to know that today is the only day of its kind. You will never experience it again, so choose to accept and embrace it.