Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is coming! While this holiday gives everyone an excuse to gorge themselves on pie and potatoes, it also presents an opportunity to celebrate life and its beautiful gifts. Here are five things to be thankful for this cozy season.  

1. Health 

Be thankful for your health. Appreciate your body’s ability to get up and go. Even if you have a small case of the common cold, be thankful that you are alive and able to pursue your passions. 

2. Relationships

Be thankful for your relationships. Whether these include family members, significant others, friends, classmates, or work associates, be grateful that you are surrounded by people. Making connections with others is something that should never be taken for granted. Humans are tribal creatures and need the comfort and support that comes from community. 

3. Education 

Be thankful for your education. Not everyone receives an opportunity to read, write, and learn. Acknowledge that your education is an advantage not equally distributed. Use your own successes and privileges to change the world for the better.  

4. Home 

Be thankful for your home. Whether your home is at school, work, or with family, appreciate your ability to receive shelter. Having a safe space to live takes away many struggles and stressors faced by those with less fortune. Be grateful for the warmth and security of your space, even if it is shared. 

5. You 

Be thankful for you. You have done great things so far. You have overcome hardships and have faced difficulties that come with being alive. Give yourself credit for your accomplishments. Thank your body, heart, mind, and soul for helping you along the way. Appreciate all your external comforts, but remember that you are a gift and should treat yourself as such.