6 Spookiest Attractions in Wisconsin

Nothing says fall like a few scares and screams through local haunted houses and corn mazes. Below are some of the best of the bests that will help you get your fill of thrill!

1.     Haunted Cornfield at Meadowbrook Pumpkin Farms-2970 Mile View Rd. West Bend, 53095


This is one of the best. It is an un-staged adventure through 8 creepy houses and ¾ miles of trails through the tall, dense cornfield. Over 60 scenes, 200 creatures, and lots of live actors this cornfield will surely give you plenty of screams. Admission is $25.00 a person and that includes parking and the bonfire after!

Hours: Monday 10am - 8pm, Tuesday 10am - 8pm, Wednesday 10am - 8pm, Thursday 10am - 10pm, Friday 6PM – Midnight, Saturday 6pm – Midnight, Sunday 10am - 10pm. Last ticket sold 30 minutes before closing.

2. Abandoned Haunted Complex- 2825 SE Frontage Rd. Mount Pleasant, WI 53177


            Ranked as one of the best in Wisconsin and Chicago, Abandoned Complex is home to 4 of the scariest haunted houses. Admission is $25.00 for Hysteria and Ambush, $30.00 for all 3 haunted houses and $15.00 for Stalker.

            1. Hysteria-mind-bending interactive haunted house

            2. Ambush- High-startle, attack haunted house

            3. Stalker- outdoor, walk-through haunted corn maze

            4. Shoot-A- Freak- Get your frustrations out on a taunting clown

Hours: Friday and Saturday 7pm- 11:30pm and Sunday 7pm-10pm

3. Wisconsin Feargrounds- Waukesha Expo Center, 1000 Northview Rd, Waukesha, WI 53188


            Ranked #1 in Wisconsin, there are 3 haunted houses and 1 escape room making it the scariest in Wisconsin. Can you make it through or will you surrender? Admission is $15.00 for Morgan Manor and $35.00 for all 3 haunted houses.

            1. Morgan Manor- 10,000 sq. ft. of screams, back by popular demand for the last 13 years    

            2. Twisted- New for 2016, this haunted house will cause you to lose all touch with reality

            3. Unstable- The evil has consumed the rest of the grounds, unstable is waiting to greet you

            4. Zaszu: The newest Escape room, can you escape in less than 5 minutes or will you be                                                          consumed by Zaszu?

Hours: Friday and Saturday 7pm-11:30pm, Thurs. Oct. 27, Sun. Oct. 30 and Mon. Oct 31 7pm-9:30pm

 4. Terror on Rural Street- 147 N. Rural St. Hartford, 53027


Up and running for the last 18 years, this is a 17 room haunted house. It is also ranked as one of the best in Wisconsin. Admission is $13.00.

Hours: Friday and Saturday 6:30-10:30 or until the house reaches capacity.

5. Dwelling of Despair and Forest of Fear- 620 Baehring Dr. Slinger, 53086


Over 31 years of terrifying experience. First you need to make it through the Forest of Fear before you can enter the Dwelling of Despair. Dwelling Despair is a 3 story house filled with many creepy twists and turns surely to make you scream. Admission is $14.00.

Hours: Thursday 7pm-10pm, Friday 7pm-11pm, Saturday 6:30pm-11pm

6. The Hill Has Eyes- 7900 W. Crystal Ridge Dr. Franklin


Six attractions at The Rock Sports Complex

A waiver is needed for these attractions. Admission is Thursdays and Sundays, $25, $30 to skip box-office line, $35 to skip all lines; Oct. 17 and 24, $29, $34 to skip box-office ticket line; $39 to skip all lines; Saturdays and Oct. 31, $34, $39 to skip box-office line, $44 to skip all lines.


1. Failed Escape- Milwaukee's haunted trailer park.

2. CARNIvore- the demon-driven carnival with scary circus freaks and unnerving attractions.

3. Containment- an underground terrifying world.

4. Scarelift- turns an old ski lift into a haunted thrill ride.

5. Hunger Hollow is a haunted woods filled with cannibals. 

6. Uphill Onslaught: Tactical laser tag once you reach the top of the ski lift.

Hours: 7pm-10 p.m. Thursdays and Sundays and 7pm-11 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

Happy Hauntings!