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6 Reasons to Join Dance Marathon

Marquette Dance Marathon is in less than a month, and in that time the organization hopes to raise $50,000 for the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. So why should you sign up?

1. It’s at the Al McGuire Center this year.

In the past years, Dance Marathon was held in the Annex. It was a good spot at the time, but as the event has grown, it needed a bigger space. Securing the Al means that Dance Marathon will have more space, more tables, more decorations, and more things to do!


2. It features a killer dance number that everyone learns over the course of the night.

The Morale Dance is taught in pieces every hour and culminates at the end of the night. Everyone in the Al will be doing the same dance at the same time to a song made up of a variety of hits. It’s silly and fun, and the kids love it.


3. But it’s not all about dancing!

Dance Marathon isn’t one of those old-fashioned sock hops where no one is allowed to stop dancing. You just are supposed to stay standing; because We Stand For Those Who Can’t. It’s a movement of solidarity for the kids in the Children’s Hospital.


4. The event tells stories of incredibly brave kids from Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Dance Marathon invites some “Champ Kids” and their families to the event to join in on the fun. These kids and their families go on stage and each tell their stories of courage. It’s moving, it’s inspiring, and it’s one of the best parts of Dance Marathon.


5. It’s an interactive charity event full of college kids.

Many of the students who participate in Dance Marathon make a team with all their friends. It’s an easy way to go out with your friends and do some good.


6. It’s For The Kids.

All donations to Dance Marathon at Marquette go directly to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, giving kids fighting battles better chances of winning. It allows us as students to hear their stories of overcoming these obstacles, instead of hearing stories of heartbreak. Dance Marathon directly benefits children who are fighting for better days.


So join today! Marquette Dance Marathon is on March 5 from 3-11 p.m. at the Al McGuire Center.

You can sign up online as an individual or as a group at www.marquettedm.org.

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