6 Important things to remember this semester

1.  Go to class. You or somebody close to you is paying for you to get this amazing education, do not take that for granted. You signed up for these classes and the work and responsibility that comes with them. Don't snooze your alarm, wake up when it rings and get ready. 


2. You are so blessed to go to college and learn about all the things that interest you. Not everyone gets that opportunity so don’t waste your time complaining about small things like having to wake up for an 8 am class. There are so many people around the world that wish they could be in your position. 


3. Don’t wish to be done with college and don’t wish to go back to high school. Just live in the moment. Use your past to better yourself and do well in the present in order to pave a successful road for the future. 


4. Prioritize the things that matter. You are going to be busy, but you can always make time for the important things. Make time to exercise, sleep, and eat healthy. Keep up on your hygiene and try and look put together. Failing to do these things will only make your life that much harder. When you take time to look good you will almost always feel good. 


5. Be organized and prepared. It is easy to let laziness creep in after a long day of classes. Take a short nap and then be as productive as possible. Participate and take notes in class. Write your papers and do your readings on time. Stay prepared so you don’t get stressed and fall behind.


6. Take time to recognize and know your own worth. Don’t diminish yourself for someone else’s sake. Let yourself shine, do not hold back.