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5 Ways to Up Your Skincare Routine

5 Ways to Up Your Skincare Routine 

1. Exfoliating on a Weekly basis 

Exfoliating should be a part of your weekly routine, not just when you’re not feeling lazy, and should be done after makeup removal and cleansing and before moisturizing and toning. Exfoliating has more to do with skin preference and skin type. However, even if you have dry skin, it’s important to exfoliate but you can always use a less abrasive exfoliator. Most should exfoliate up to 3 times a week, give or take. This will help your skin ‘rejuvenate,’ in a sense. Exfoliating helps to slough off dead and dry skin, and to deep clean pores (preventing acne and blackheads). 

2. Adding a Toner 

No, not the kind for your printer. Toner is a liquid solution that you apply to skin before moisturizing. A toner is a really simple element to skincare; however, it does make a difference. It may seem like it’s not doing much but really, similarly to an exfoliator is helping clean out pores and almost ‘reset’ skin to its balanced state after deep cleaning. Common toner ingredients include things such as witch hazel, tea tree oil, and for some, alcohol bases, in order to rid of bacteria. 

3. Sanitization 

Again, this is a hidden gem that is simple but really makes a difference. Think of everything you touch in a day, even items in your own house. Your own hand towel can carry an alarming amount of bacteria. Now imagine all of that touching your face and all your skin care products… Exactly. So, this step is as easy as keeping a hand sanitizer next to your skincare. Before you touch your face whether it be for makeup or skin care make sure to sanitize first! 

4. Nightly Oil 

Oil may seem like the biggest thing you want to avoid; however, facial oils are helpful in balancing skin and moisturizing deeply after deep cleansing. If you’re naturally oily, adding an oil may be unnecessary, however, there are some on the market that work well for oily skin, including the fan favorite, coconut oil. For those with dry or combo skin, oil is a God-send! Apply at night after moisturizing and using any serums and eye creams, and make sure to drag it down your neck as well. Remember, moisturized skin ages better, and doesn’t get those irritated dry patches or intense acne scars. 

5. Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera tends to only be connoted with sun burns and intense healing necessities. This is because aloe vera has natural healing and moisturizing properties that do wonders for sunburns and faces alike. A night or two a week, feel free to ditch your typical nighttime skin routine and incorporate aloe vera in place of moisturizers and serums. Just a cleanse and some aloe vera all over the face will do your face good.

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