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3 Amazing Female Artists to Support this Spring

Through shopping in locally-owned boutiques and digging through Instagram profiles, I have discovered 3 amazing young women who create beautiful art. I am constantly scrolling on their websites and looking for the perfect addition to complete my living spaces (or sending photos of their work to my friends, hoping they will think the same).

This is a wonderful opportunity to support women AND small businesses – a combination that I love to see keep growing. All 3 are located across the globe, but don’t worry, they offer shipping!

Here we go, in no particular order, of course:


1. Paige Poppe – Paige Poppe Art

I originally discovered Paige on my spring break trip to Arizona. Her prints and other pieces were in a boutique in Old Town Scottsdale, and I began noticing her stuff everywhere around the area after that! The sunny, desert vibes found in her work is the ultimate remedy to any winter funk.

According to her website, she is a watercolor painter and designer located in Scottsdale, Arizona. I love her choice of color and the way she brings the desert to life through her work. Check her out, she offers a variety of products – including original paintings, prints, pins, jewelry, and everything in between!



2. Liz Pechacek – Liz Pechacek Ceramics

My high school art teacher first introduced me to Liz Pecachek’s work on one of our ceramics-inspired field trips. I instantly fell in love and ended up purchasing one of her porcelain snack bowls at the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her pieces are so aesthetically pleasing, yet still very functional for everyday life!

Ever since, I have followed her on Instagram and it is a great way to see what she has to offer in her shop and to learn more about her process.  I love the way she plays with different colors, lines, and forms throughout all of her work!



3. Caroline Arnecke – Meadow Ceramics

While I have yet to see Caroline Arnecke’s work in person (given she is based in Denmark), her stunning Instagram feed speaks for itself. She offers handmade ceramics, jewelry, and my personal favorite: art prints that are photos of her glazes!

Her beautiful use of color and hand-touched style are sure to brighten up any living space. I am truly inspired by her work and the emphasis of nature throughout her portfolio. Arnecke’s authentic, trendy style is a must-have this spring!



As you can see, beautiful art exists everywhere! These 3 amazing women have so much talent. Perhaps you will consider checking them out and supporting them – whether it’s through a follow on Instagram or a purchase from their store! It is Women’s History Month, after all.

McKenna Sporer

Marquette '23

McKenna Sporer is a senior student at Marquette majoring in Economics. When she's not reading a book, you can usually find her sipping an iced chai latte or looking for the nearest restaurant with the best Yelp reviews.
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