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I’ve been incredibly busy already this semester. I have a couple hours off here and there but rarely ever do I have a full day with nothing to do. When I do, however, I try to make the most of it. Here are 20 things I’m planning to do on my next day off and that you can do too to make your busy days so much easier.

1. Sleep in

2. Make or buy a nice coffee or tea

3. Wash your makeup brushes

4. Deep clean your dorm or apartment

5. Find a new podcast to listen to while you clean

6. Do a facemask

7. Paint your nails

8. Organize your closet

9. Choose a few pieces of clothes to donate

10. Catch up on homework

11. Take a nap

12. Order pizza or Chinese food

13. Bake cookies

14. Take a walk

15. Take inventory of your fridge and pantry

16. Make a shopping list

17. Light every candle you own

18. Read a book you’ve been meaning to read

19. Write a letter to your grandma

20. Call your parents or a friend you miss

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