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10 Things That Happen During Midterms

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marquette chapter.

1. Calories don’t count.

Hey, it’s not our fault that hot cookie night and $5 pizza night happen to fall on the same day, right?

2. Your brain goes into “flight or fight” response.

It’s time to decide whether to push through this semester for those good grades or just give up now and forever hold your peace.

3. Style goes out the window.

That same pair of leggings you’ve been wearing for the last three days? Good enough.

4. You catch the plague.

Dayquil becomes your best study buddy.

5. Your sleep schedule becomes a series of 14-minute naps.

And you spend the whole nap having a stress nightmare about sleeping through your next exam.  

6. You only see your friends in 30-minute study breaks.

It’s not as though you have a great deal to catch up. Your conversations are really just a competition of who is the most stressed.  

7. You can’t tell if your heart is racing because you are stressed or because you have ingested enough espresso to caffeinate an entire classroom full of students.

Is there a size bigger than Trenta?

8. You start to develop a rare form of flashcard wrist.

Is my hand shaking from all this flipping or just from lack of sleep?

9. Instead of studying for Econ, you calculate the opportunity cost of dropping out of college.

You also calculate the lowest possible grade you could receive and still do well in the class by promising yourself you will try really hard if you just make it through midterms.

10. You begin to justify all your actions, like napping in the library, by saying it’s midterms.

Everyone else feels like their lives are a mess too, right?

Aisling Hegarty

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