Why You Should Start Your Own Blog

I don’t know about anyone else but I have an obsession with bloggers! With the recent rise of technology, the ability to create a blog has become so easy. Through websites like Wix.com and Wordpress.com, you can create a professional, free blog in just minutes. This past summer I decided to create my own blog, www.denimdiaries.net, via Wix and I cannot be happier that I started it. At first, I made it just for fun to have a place where I can share my outfits and ideas, but I have now realized that it offers me so much more. Below I have listed some of the best reasons on why you should start your own blog!

  1. Helps improve your writing skills

You will really be surprised how much your writing will improve from having a blog. Since you are constantly writing posts and forming your own writing voice and style, it will make you more aware of what sounds good and is grammatically correct. These skills will then slowly transition into your writing for school or work without you realizing it and will make writing that philosophy paper 10 times easier!

2. It helps teaches you new and useful skills

By having a blog you will learn a lot about the behind the scenes workings of a website. You will learn about analytics and how to increase your Search Engine Optimization, or how you get found on search engines. These are very important skills to have especially if you are going into a career such as journalism, marketing, or in my case, public relations, because it helps you get a better idea of how to reach your audience. A blog will also increase your graphic design skills because with sites like Wix and Wordpress, you have the ability to completely customize what your webpage will look like. Think of it as a more intense Instagram feed!

3. It is great to put on your resume

By having a blog on your resume, not only is it a great reference for an employer to preview your work, but it shows that you are a self starter and passionate about what you want to do. It will also help you stand out if you put skills such as Google Analytics and SEO tools because with the increase of technology and digital marketing, these are skills that companies look for in future employees.

4. Gives you a voice

Since a blog is completely personal, you have the freedom to write about whatever you want. You can use it as a place to voice your opinion and share your ideas with other people or even as a journal for yourself.

5. Learn more about a topic and yourself. 

Because I have a fashion blog, it really has allowed me to go out of my comfort zone with what I wear and explore different pieces of clothing. I am constantly doing research on what is happening in the industry or market so that I can incorporate it into my blog. It gives you the ability to become an expert at something and learn about something you are interested in!

6. It's fun!

Blogging is so much more fun than I expected it to be. I love being able to share my outfits and ideas with my family and friends and then hearing their feedback about how something I wrote helped or inspired them. It is also really fun to be able to be creative and create something that represents who you are and what you are passionate about.


Not only are the possibilities with a blog endless, but you also have total creative control on what content you post. Even if you think you are a bad writer or that no one will read your work, start one anyway. Once you step out of your comfort zone and write about what you are passionate about, you will realize how much a blog has helped you grow in your professional and personal life. Happy blogging!