Why Our Generation Is Going To Change The World

By Victoria Howard 

There’s no doubt that our country is at a point of change. With marches, protests and activism growing across the country millennials have become a leading part in this. It is the young adults of America who fill the streets expressing their passion for equality and protection of our rights alongside adults.

Prior to our generation, political engagement was not as common in young adults. Political activism was thought of as middle aged men and women debating and discussing things that held a stigma. We were taught to avoid discussing politics in every situation. Since the recent election, activism and opinions have been expressed much more outwardly than any year prior. The controversial and polar issues brought to attention during the election has sparked our generation to make our voice heard too. Our generation has seen that politics affect us too, which means we have a say too. The faces most actively involved are no longer middle aged strangers but our peers.

It is our generation leading movements in schools and towns spreading a love for equality. It has become clear that we are a force that won’t stop until we are heard. It is middle schoolers starting backlash against dress codes. It is high school seniors starting walkouts in support of change in Gun Laws to prevent school shootings. It is college students at the front of the women’s march alongside their mothers and fathers. It is us who are making change in the world, and as time goes by our passion and power will only strengthen.

If this is how millennials are acting now, the future is full of endless possibility. It is us who will change the world because we’ve already started. 

Image credit: Utah Public Radio.