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Why New Girl is Life Goals

I’m setting my standards at the “New Girl” lifestyle.

We’ve all imagined what our futures may be like and, personally, I’m expecting my young adult life to be my prime.  If my young adult life comes even close to how life on “New Girl” is, I will have achieved all goals, and here’s why:

Winston is the BFF we all need.

Wannabe prankster. Gossiper. Cat enthusiast.  These are all ideal friend qualities.  But at the end of the day, it’s his undying loyalty and positive attitude that make him the friend of your dreams.

Not to mention he is just so damn relatable.

We all wish we could be as positive as Jess.

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Well, Jess throws in a batch of cookies just for the heck of it. 

Two words: The. Apartment.


So spacious, so charming, and magically all the roommates are best friends.  Ahhhh, one can only dream.

Nick’s ingenius way of getting out of uncomfortable situations.

He has mastered the art we all hope to master of just being adorably quirky-awkward.

He also practices effective stress-relieving methods!


Schmidt and CeCe are relationship goals.

They have the whole boy chases girl, girl is unsure of boy, but comes around in the end thing going on.  I am so here for it. 

Playing True American with my friends is all I want TBH.

PLAYING THIS GAME IS NUMBER 1 ON MY BUCKET LIST. It’s just so beautifully chaotic.

Nick and Jess’ on and off relationship somehow leaves no animosity.

Just, pure goals.


Tran is the life coach we all need.

His face is just so friendly.


Enough said.

Elizabeth is a senior at Marist College studying Public Relations and Advertising.  Currently serving as the Editor in Chief and CC of the Marist Chapter, she enjoys writing about entertainment, music, lifestyle, and news.  
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